5 Travel Journaling Tips

There is no right way to journal. It’s all about personal preference. The important thing is to document those memorable moments and sites.

I find that if you are comfortable with the method, you will be sure to regularly make entries. Here are only five tips for keep a travel diary full of lasting memories.

1) Type it or Write it

Whether you are old school or a modern techie, a small notebook and pen or a laptop or favorite electronic device, will do. I know, for me, I like to use my phone to jot down important and memorable facts or funny anecdotal stories that happen throughout the day. With all the stimulation while traveling, the small details often fade away and can be lost. Remember to think of the key questions – where, what, when, who and how. Your journal will capture many memories for you to enjoy at a later date.

2) Journal Daily

It’s not necessary to document every single detail, but jotting down the highlights of each day as well as the sights you see is key. I always like to mention places I’ve eaten or a great meal I’ve enjoyed. Interesting encounters with locals is worth noting too. Anything that is quintessential of where you are visiting.

3) Keep it Personal

Some of the best memories are those that recount what you were feeling at the time. If you have a funny or emotional moment during your trip, make sure you make mention of it – it will make you laugh or pull at your heartstrings later on.

It’s also a great way to share your adventure with family members and friends who were not traveling with you. People love to hear about your experiences, not necessarily lots of boring narratives of your daily itinerary.

4) Record Important Facts

Long after your trip is over, many of the historic facts, figures and data about that location will fade from memory. Writing these down throughout your account will help you to feel as if you are back on your journey when you reflect back on your journal in months or years to come. From my experience, trip diaries I kept 20 years ago are like little time capsules, especially, when things have changed at that destination over the course of time.

5) Get Others’ Perspectives

In my travel journals, I always like to get the people I’m traveling with to add their two cents here and there to the documentation. It makes it more fun to read later and rounds out the experience.

Whatever your style, make a travel journal memory – you’ll be happy you did!

Elisa Levine